Antenna Nagoya NA-771 2m/70cm SMA Female

f you want the most signal range and clarity out of your radio. An aftermarket antenna is a must. The factory antenna on the Anytone is pretty good, But it is still a rubber duck.  If you really want to get the maximum range you need to get a high-quality whip antenna.


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This Nagoya for walkie-talkie antenna with SMA Male connector allows to increase performance on the 144 and 430MHz bands with 39cm long and equipped with SMA female connector.

SMA Female antenna is compatible with Anytone AT-D878UV and Baofeng UV-5R.

Package includes Antenna Nagoya NA-771 genuine warranty.

Also available Diamond SRJ77CA with Marine VHF RX and TX 150-162 MHz and wideband reception 120-900Mhz.

Antenna Nagoya NA-771 specifications

Frequency: 144MHz / 430MHz
Length: 39cm
SWR: Less than 1.5: 1
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Gain: 0dBi (144MHz) 2.15dBi (430MHz)
Power: 10W
Connector: SMA female or Male
Weight: 53g


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