Antenna Diamond SRJ77CA for Anytone AT-D878UV

If you want the most signal range and clarity out of your radio. An aftermarket antenna is a must. The factory antenna on the Anytone is pretty good, But it is still a rubber duck.  If you really want to get the maximum range you need to get a high-quality whip antenna.


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Increase the performance of your Anytone AT-D878UV Plus with the  Diamond SRJ77CA antenna for 2m/70cm (144/430mhz), 39cm long, and receiving from 120 to 900 MHz.

Work also for VHF marine band RX & TX from 150 to 162 MHz. With an SMA-J connector (SMA female).

Suitable for all Baofeng handheld (UV-3R, UV-5R, UV-82) and all HT radio with SMA-P connector (SMA male).

Diamond Antenna SRJ77CA genuine warranty Diamond Japan.

Equivalent model available at Nagoya in dual-band 144/430MHz: NA-771 and NA-24J.


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